ladyelizabeth (lizthefair) wrote in spielgames,

new site to find gamers in your area

I've put off posting this here for a while, because posting information about a way to find new gamers in a community where people already play games together seemed a little silly--but since some of you no longer live in Blacksburg, and still more you may leave someday, it seemed worth letting you know.

jedibfa and I recently launched a new site called dedicated to helping gamers find cool people to play with in their area. We started the site because we like to play games, but for gaming to really work you need people to play with-- and for some games, you need the right people. So our idea was to start a kind of matching service to help gamers find people in their area that play the games they like--and also to find people whose personalities will "mesh" with theirs. We've just started so for now it mostly just helps find gamers near you, but we are working on an upgrade in the next couple of weeks that will start to address the "finding the right people" part.

The site is brand new, so membership is still on the low side (in the 130's right now) but we are actively advertising the site on the internet, and thanks to our new partnerships with Cheese Weasel Logistics and will also have a presence at GenCon, so those numbers will go up (quickly we hope!)

I hope you'll check us out!
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