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Hokie Memorial Chess Tournament

Hey all,

I'm not a member of this community (long-graduated Hokie) but I think this would interest most Blacksburg gamers:

The VT Chess Club is excited to announce a visit by four-time, former Women's World Chess Champion Grandmaster Susan Polgar!

Grandmaster Polgar's arrival coincides with the Hokie Memorial Fund Open Chess Tournament to be held in Squires on October 13th and 14th.  All proceeds from the $20 entry fee go to the Hokie Memorial Fund.

New players are strongly encouraged to participate and compete for special beginner prizes.  Chess jargon is daunting; if I can answer any of your questions here (about this event or chess tourneys in general), other readers will surely benefit.  The full details are posted here.

Hokie Memorial Fund Open Chess Tournament

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